True Meaning of Racism and the Term Racist

Although this may be a controversial essay to post to my public blog, it is an important point I think people forget today. The word racist and racism is thrown around to mean anything, but they both have a very specific meaning and origin which should not be confused. Unfortunately, these words have lost their meaning, so in honor of Black History month and the countless Non-White people around the world who have died or suffered at the hands of racism I leave you all with the following words.


The True Meaning of Racism and the Racist

Racism is a system of belief, developed over centuries, that white-skinned Europeans are superior to the dark-skinned Non-Christian people around the world. Europeans used this as an excuse to conquer, murder, and enslave Non-White people, because in their view they were sub-human beasts, no different than their livestock. This allowed Europeans to have a clear conscience despite their unchristian behavior. They sailed the world looking for lands to plunder and grow their own economies, while leaving behind disease, famine, drugs, political turmoil, and death.

When evolution and genetics were discovered this view solidified, because there was now “scientific” evidence to “prove” that the White race was genetically and intellectually superior, and that the gene pool should be kept pure: Eugenics. As the conscience of Europeans grew with the rise of Humanist philosophy, many European countries decided it was inhumane to treat these people (whom they finally decided were people) so terribly and abolished the slave trade. It did not mean they didn’t still see themselves as superior, as it took many years before any Non-White person achieved any of the successes White people were afforded.

Meanwhile, the USA had been successfully clearing away the Native American populations for White Christians’ god given rights to conquer all America: Manifest Destiny. White people once again saw themselves as superior and forced indigenous people to conform to Western standards of living and religion, to obvious detriment. They even turned themselves into the victims, rather than the indigenous population whose lands, way of life, and very lives they were taking away.

With the USA expanding exponentially they needed a large and inexpensive labor force. Since they killed most Natives they doubled down on African slavery, creating a massive industry with little match in history (and no, slavery in other parts of world actually had an escape, many joined the rest of society after their debts were paid, which is why Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa has so many people of mixed descent, aside from immigration). Africans were seen as livestock, sub-human heathens, and treated as such. Chattel slavery was akin to dog breeding. They checked their teeth and genitals for health and bought the strongest to breed and sell yet again. They put them down when they could no longer work or proved untamable.

In many cases, lower class Whites were in no better condition socially or economically, but to prevent them from sympathizing with African slaves and having an uprising (a fear founded on the fact Americans rebelled from their own overlords and numerous successful slave uprisings in the Caribbean), the racists, i.e. believers in White superiority, made sure that every White person knew they were superior to these Negros. It was taught in schools to every young child, by their parents and so on for generations (it also exists in various forms today in schools, such as biased revisionist histories or simple omission, in States like Texas).

From then on we know about the Civil War, post-war prison slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights Movement, housing and loan discrimination. The same attitudes Whites have held since the beginning of all this persist today, whether they realize it or not. Europeans conquered the world through almost accidental means, with their germs. Greed led them to conquer and exploit, and they used all sorts of excuses to justify their immoral behavior. In the end, it created the system of racism, and those White people who run the system are racists.

The good will of the few (of all races) has fought long and hard to eradicate such backward thinking, but racism continues to be a driving force in America and Europe. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking racism does not rule this world, because it does. Every institution of government is rife with it here in the US. It exists in Hispanic countries, where the lighter-skinned people of White Spaniard descent enjoy a higher status and representation, while there is a strong stigma against dark-skinned populations with African descent. Colonized people all over the world use skin bleaching lotions because Western White standards of beauty have become the norm and dark skin is seen as dirty and lower class.

Due to all of this, it is therefore incorrect to call Black people, or any other Non-White group, racist. They can of course be prejudiced and bigoted, but not racist. This term should solely be used to describe those in power of the system White people created. It also means every person of every race and ethnicity is a victim of racism, from the White supremacists, whose minds are filled with blinding, ignorant hatred; to the Black victims of police violence, minorities trapped in a cycle of poverty, and the gerrymandered districts that create unequal representation; racism infects us all.

To call a Non-White person racist is to call them a White supremacist, which unless they truly believe themselves inferior to White people, is incorrect. And if they do feel that way, they would not be accepted by racists. Even if a Black person thinks their race is superior to White people, one can perhaps call them Black supremacists, but they are not running nor started the system of racism and therefore, cannot be called racist. Racism and racist are linked terms. It is imperative we use them correctly and not lose sight of the origin of all these problems, White supremacy.


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