Character Study 6

JasmineHe thought to himself, F’ you Disney and every romantic comedy ever made! For as long as he could remember he was pinning for the love of a girl. It was ingrained into him as a child watching his favorite Disney movies over and over again. Princess Jasmine was the first girl he ever loved. Not Jessica, the girl he stole a kiss from in kindergarten; or Karla, who he wrote notes to in second grade; nor Leona, with whom he got in trouble for the first time, comparing their private parts behind some bushes on the playground. No, for him it was a 2D animated character, with olive skin, gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, voluminous hair, a thin exposed waist, rounded hips and bosom, with the voice of an angel and the spirit of a fighter; she was his perfect girl. Throughout the rest of his days he sought to find a real life version of Princess Jasmine, even now as a 27 year old, struggling to advance in his job and pay his student loans.

He was impossibly lonely and found it hard to meet anyone he could relate to, far less a surrogate Princess Jasmine. If he learned anything from the countless movies he watched is that true love will make you happy and your life will never be anything without someone to share it and have children with. That is how his parents viewed it, his aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends of the family, his own friends and just about anyone who wanted to tell him he needs to find a good woman and get married. He bought into it too, it was part of who he was, and there was no shaking it. His Facebook feed was filled with wedding photos and baby pictures. It seemed like everyone he knew was “adulting” and moving ahead in life. He had to play catch up, but between work and a group of friends who were more connected online than they were in person, he didn’t really have a social life.

So, today he finds himself staring at a cat in a cage. She has almond-shaped eyes at least. Hopefully, he doesn’t turn into a crazy cat guy. He doesn’t even like pets all that much, nor is he looking forward to another expense, but having a second beating heart in the apartment would be a welcome change.              



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