About My Work

When I began to make art seriously I used it as a tool to learn more about my heritage. My parents are from Trinidad, in the Caribbean, and our ancestors are from India. Living in America created distance between both these cultures and I wanted to feel closer to them. I explored Indian culture through their art and by extension their religions and history. I developed my style from the miniature paintings of various Rajput Kingdoms, in particular, Basohli and Kangra. Buddhism, with its origins in Hinduism, became a part of my religious studies and I began to incorporate more pan-Asian imagery. As time went on though, I became disillusioned with religions in general, so no longer needing a spiritual basis for subject matter, I looked to the worldly desires and what affected me as a person living today.

Currently, I am working on a few projects. One is an attempt to reconcile my strong feminist views with that of my baser male desires – the two can often be contradictory. In another, I am working on a comic book series celebrating my love of Indian mythology and horror. Lastly, I am continuing on my series of black and white drawings that attempt to illustrate with dark humor the consequences of racism and colonialism.

About Me

I graduated from Florida State University in 2008 and West Dean College in 2012, with a MFA in Painting and Drawing issued by the University of Sussex. I also hold a Florida State Educator’s Certificate in Art K-12 and teach youth classes at the Armory Art Center, WPB.

Currently based in West Palm Beach, Florida.